Software Engineer Cody Strategy

Company: Sourcegraph

Salary: $50,000 - $95,000

Location: San Francisco, California, United States


Working hours

🌎 Given that we are an all-remote company and hire almost anywhere in the world, we don’t have a location requirement for this role. However, this person will be needed to work 4pm to 10pm UTC Monday to Friday.

Why this job is exciting

Cody is an AI coding assistant that lives in your editor that can find, explain, and write code. Cody uses LLMs and the Sourcegraph search engine and code graph, providing answers that eliminate toil and keep human programmers in flow. You can think of Cody as your programmer buddy who has read through all the code on GitHub, all the questions on StackOverflow, and all your organization’s private code, and is always there to answer questions you might have or suggest ways of doing something based on prior knowledge.

The Cody Strategic team is aimed at turning the largest, most world-recognizable brands into Cody Champions. We do this by partnering with a small number of highly engaged strategic customers to build product functionality that enables these customers to successfully deploy the most-loved coding assistant, but at massive scale. You will work closely with the ML Infrastructure team, all the Cody teams across Cody’s e2e service stack, and teams across Sourcegraph to bring the best-of-class coding assistant to your favorite big brands. The Strat team focuses on one or two projects at a time, delivers and scales them, and then works to hand them off to the other Cody teams so that it just becomes part of how Cody is operated. This is high-impact work and has the attention of the entire company. You will be supported by Eng, Design, Product, Legal and the go-to-market teams, and you are joining a team of very talented and experienced engineers who have already accomplished amazing things in a short time. They will be there to help you hit the ground running and guide your work.

📅 Within one month, you will…

  • Start building a trusting relationship with your peers, and learning the company structure.
  • Be set up to do local development, and be actively prototyping.
  • Ship a substantial new feature to end users.

📅 Within three months, you will…

  • Be seen as a subject matter expert in all things Cody at Sourcegraph.
  • Be contributing actively to the world’s best coding assistant.
  • Be following all the relevant research, and conducting research of your own.

📅 Within six months, you will…

  • Be fully ramped up and able to anticipate the needs of strategic customers.
  • Be ramped up on other relevant parts of the Sourcegraph product.
  • Be helping design and build what might become the biggest dev accelerator in 20 years.

About you

You are a full-stack software engineer with at least 2 years of industry experience, equally comfortable with frontend and backend work as needed, with the ability to pick up frameworks quickly and deliver high-quality work. Ideally, you have worked directly with enterprise customers as a SaaS developer. Or perhaps you have worked with internal customers on large cross-functional projects. You should enjoy cross-functional, cross-company collaboration, since that is the bread and butter of the Cody Strat team.

Our Strat customers are typically deployed with complex legacy configurations, and we often need to build bridges into those systems. Much of the Strat work is becoming ML-oriented in nature, as our investment in Cody AI increases and our Strat customers become early adopters. LLMs and their ecosystem are at the core of Cody’s architecture, so you ideally have prior experience working with LLM-based applications, and should be seeking to increase your knowledge of AI/ML as the space quickly evolves.


  • Comfortable with developing and deploying software and services on at least one major Cloud provider, with preference for experience with GCP, as most of your Cloud work will be on GCP.
  • Comfortable with at least the basics of Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, and systems programming
  • Experience with Go (minimum) and in an ideal world, TypeScript, Java, and various scripting languages
  • You have used Cody and understand Cody’s current architecture, and you have your own opinions about the directions it could and should go next.

Nice-to-haves: (All optional, but each would enable you to have even higher impact.)

  • Postgres. If you have very deep Postgres experience, you may be in luck.
  • Node.js. Cody’s cross-client logic is largely in Node.js, and being able to contribute there is helpful.
  • Understanding of the modern LLM ecosystem especially as it pertains to coding and AI assistants, including the basics of prompt engineering and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications.
  • Understanding of compiler construction, and experience working with tools that work with code. We have a code graph that is central to Cody’s operation, and you may be working with it at scale.
  • Frontend programming with React. If you have this specialty, it’s often in demand on this team, e.g. for delivering new administrative workflows and user onboarding experiences.
  • Rust. More and more of our code is being written in Rust, and you may need to fiddle with it at some point.
  • Kotlin and Java Swing, since one of our flagship Cody clients is IntelliJ, and it is often in need of Enterprise-specific features to help close large deals.
  • Plugin development with Neovim or Emacs. Our Strat customers come in all shapes and sizes.


📊 This job is an IC2.  You can read more about our job leveling philosophy in our Handbook.


💸 We pay you an above-average salary because we want to hire the best people who are fully focused on helping Sourcegraph succeed, not worried about paying bills. You will have the flexibility to work and live anywhere in the world (unless specified otherwise in the job description), and we’ll never take your location or current/past salary information into account when determining your compensation.  As an open and transparent company that values equitable and competitive compensation for everyone, our compensation ranges are visible to every single Sourcegraph Teammate. To determine your salary, we use a number of market and data-driven salary sources and target the high-end of the range, ensuring that we’re always paying above market regardless of where you live in the world.  

💰The target compensation for this role is $141,500 USD base.

📈 In addition to our cash compensation, we offer equity (because when we succeed as a company, we want you to succeed, too) and generous perks & benefits.

Interview process

Below is the interview process you can expect for this role (you can read more about the types of interviews in our Handbook). It may look like a lot of steps, but rest assured that we move quickly and the steps are designed to help you get the information needed to determine if we’re the right fit for you… Interviewing is a two-way street, after all! 

We expect the interview process to take 5.5 hours in total.

👋 Introduction Stage - we have initial conversations to get to know you better…

🧑‍💻 Team Interview Stage - we then delve into your experience in more depth and introduce you to members of the team…

🎉 Final Interview Stage - we move you to our final round, where you gain a better understanding of our business and values holistically…

Please note - you are welcome to request additional conversations with anyone you would like to meet, but didn’t get to meet during the interview process.

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