Senior Software Engineer Browser Extension

Company: LUKSO

Salary: $0 - $0

Location: Worldwide


As a Browser Extension Engineer at LUKSO, you’ll have the opportunity of making our vision for one of our main products reality - with our goal to completely revolutionize the way creators and users interact with the blockchain. This isn’t just a crypto-native wallet, it’s a profile, changing the Web3 world as we know it, by introducing social identity and allowing you to create Universal Profiles, view digital asset metadata, use relayers, control multiple accounts, etc.

Working next to our Browser Extension Lead, you will have ownership and influence over technical planning, strategy and architecture decisions.

LUKSO is focused on bringing blockchain technology to its next frontier with new tools and standards that will revolutionize the way the world interacts with blockchain. Creators and users will be able to have a seamless Web3 experience with LUKSO's future-proof solutions and we welcome talent around the world to join us in building the most innovative tools for the New Creative Economy.

LUKSO was Co-Founded by Chief Blockchain Architect, Fabian Vogelsteller, author of ERC-20, ERC-725, Web3.js, Mist Browser and former Lead Dapp developer of Ethereum and Marjorie Hernandez, an early blockchain strategist working with Ethereum, IOTA Foundation and world-renowned brands, who also Co-Founded THE DEMATERIALISED.

LUKSO is now being developed by 70+ people around the globe and we are looking for motivated and passionate people who are up to the task of joining us in building out the foundation for the New Creative Economy and the apps that power it.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if you’ve…

  • Helped the team build out a shared codebase (business logic and UI) used by both extension and mobile app.
  • Modeled business logic using Domain Driven Design (DDD).
  • Built out a shared codebase (business logic and UI), to be shared between extension and mobile app.
  • Managed distribution of extension and mobile app.
  • Helped to develop an automated testing framework.
  • Collaborated with the smart contract, backend, dApp teams.
  • Engaged with community members and external dApp developers, to user and market needs.
  • Learned about Web3, LUKSO, Universal Profiles, dove into LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs) and wallet RPCs.

A background like this helps:

  • 3+ years of experience within Software Engineering (Typescript, React / Vue / ReactNative).
  • Worked on a browser extension previously (preferbally within Web3/a crypto wallet).
  • Collaborated with multiple team members on business logic modeling, using Domain Driven Design.
  • Driven complex features, preferably within a browser extension product.
  • Sped up new feature development previously.
  • Deep knowledge of browser extension framework and/or ethereum RPC methods.
  • Bonus points: Technical expertise as a user of Web3 in order to improve the user experience of the product. Using other CeX or DeX wallets such as MetaMask.

What We Offer:
  • Innovation-driven working environment, where you’ll be part of a project that aims to set new standards in the industry and change the world we live in:
  • Team lunches and social activities
  • Regular in-office health & sporting activities
  • Collaborative squads and a flat structure, with a renowned team of industry experts
  • Work fully remote CEST +/-6h or from our picturesque LUKSO office located next to the Spree river in Berlin, Germany
LUKSO is the new blockchain for the Creative Economy. As a next-generation layer-1 EVM blockchain, LUKSO has introduced new tools and standards that will bring blockchain technology to its next frontier. The building blocks for the New Creative Economy will revolutionize the way users and creators interact with the blockchain. From Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment, Gaming, Social Media and more, we welcome you to explore our open and interoperable blueprint for the physical and digital worlds.

LUKSO has introduced new standards called LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs), which are the building blocks for the New Creative Economy. These building blocks can be used to create user-friendly dApps and lower the barriers of entry in Web3 for all creators and users.

Universal Profiles bring social identity to blockchain and improve the overall user experience in Web3. With upgradable security, these platform-agnostic smart-contract-based accounts empower users and creators and allow for true ownership, interoperability, transaction relay services and more.

LUKSO’s new standards allow for flexible NFTs that are extensible and directly compatible with Universal Profiles. NFTs 2.0 are updatable, safer and have unlimited metadata, batch transfers and even better IDs.

LUKSO is bringing blockchain beyond DeFi with Cultural Currencies. The future of blockchain is social, and LUKSO’s essential, future-proof solutions are reshaping the way the world interacts with the blockchain.

You belong here.

At LUKSO, we welcome applicants from around the world of all abilities, race, ethnicity, gender/gender expression and age to explore our solutions and join us in building out the foundation for the New Creative Economy. We look forward to meeting you!

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