Senior React Developer

Company: SkipTheDishes

Salary: Not provided

Location: null, Canada


Role Summary

As a Senior Front-End Engineer at Skip, you will play a pivotal role in translating design concepts into functional user interfaces, working closely with engineers, designers, and product teams. This position emphasizes collaborative teamwork, involving code reviews, ceremonies, and ticket completion, with the expectation of our senior roles focusing on more than solely coding. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating thorough and detailed documentation to support the development process. As a senior engineer, you will mentor juniors, actively participate and lead cross-team projects, and contribute within our Canada-wide Front-End community. Success in this senior role hinges on your ability to build strong relationships within the team, effective mentoring, and consistent execution of core responsibilities, including code reviews, UI implementation, and comprehensive documentation. Proficiency is required in TypeScript, React state management tools, React styled-components, GraphQL with Apollo Server, and agile CI/CD processes. In particular, a deeper expertise in GraphQL is desired for senior-level candidates.


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