Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Company: DebugBear

Salary: Not provided

Location: London, UK, United Kingdom


DebugBear is looking for an experienced JavaScript developer. Join a small startup and ship features every week. Fully remote, UK time +/− three hours only No recruiters please

What we do

DebugBear helps companies monitor and optimize the loading speed of their websites. We run continuous performance tests, generate detailed technical reports, and send out alerts when there's a problem.

Our users are a mix of developers, technical SEOs, and business owners.

The role

You will:

Working at DebugBear

Tech stack

Application process

  1. Introductory call discussing the role and your experience
  2. Technical interview (Live coding task)
  3. Final interview (Mostly technical questions)
  4. Reference check
  5. Offer



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