Senior Frontend Engineer

Company: Replo

Salary: Not provided

Location: San Francisco, United States


Replo enables companies to build websites with less code. The team is building the world’s first platform and marketplace for creating and distributing the UI building blocks of the web — enabling commercial teams to build ultra-customizable websites like lego blocks.

At its core, Replo is building the world's first web component app store + visual editor built on React

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🌆 Location Preferences We're open to remote positions, but for this role, we prefer if you're located in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, or within +/- 3 hours of these timezones.

Replo was founded by Yuxin and Noah in 2021. They've been friends since freshmen year studying Computer Science at Cal. They've raised over $4.2M from Figma Ventures, YCombinator, Infinity Ventures, MAGIC Fund, as well as the founders of NextJS/Vercel. Noah and Yuxin previously held senior management/principal engineering roles at Uber, Plangrid, Yelp, etc.

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