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Full Stack Engineer

Company: Peak Power Inc

Salary: Not provided

Location: Toronto, Canada

The Company

The current, centralized electricity system is not sustainable. Between the climate crisis, state-wide blackouts, aging infrastructure, and rising costs, the system needs a huge overhaul. The demand for electricity is high – and getting higher – and big power plants aren't meeting our needs. We say it's time to disrupt and decentralize.

At Peak Power, we're energy nerds that develop software for the real estate sector. Our tech turns commercial buildings and industrial facilities into virtual power plants in a new, decentralized electricity system. This means cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable electricity. We’re powering the clean energy revolution.

Peak Power develops and connects battery storage, grid-interactive buildings, and electric vehicle assets in a single software platform for partners to pursue net zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Role Summary

You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills to find solutions to complex problems and drive high-risk initiatives to completion on time, on budget.

You will monitor and report on progress, methodically evaluate processes and systems to improve efficiency; and implement processes that provide transparency and tracking.

You have strong interpersonal and communication skills to keep everyone on the same page when working cross-functionally.

The team prides themselves on creating a lot of things, with the motto to never fail! With an obsessive passion for product development at the bleeding edge of innovation and curiosity for continuous development, you will bring your expertise to create scalable systems.


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