Front end Developer

Company: BLANKSLATE Partners

Salary: Not provided

Location: Vancouver, Canada


The Company

Shop This City is a multi-store, multi-brand searchable locator tool for boutique fashion and lifestyle shoppers.

Our core product is a mobile application that allows users to search for clothing, beauty and lifestyle items in local boutique stores that have partnered with us. Allowing us to present live inventory of thousands of items searchable and sortable by location, brand, style, and more. We will be expanding to offer tools to our partner stores, brands and trend reporting to industry stakeholders, as well as working with new cities. Our products target the problematic space of clothing retail online, which suffers from very high return rates and low consumer confidence. We promote “Browse digitally, Shop locally”.

Shop This City is seeking a skilled front-end developer with experience in React JS to join our growing team. As a front-end developer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the user interface for our software products and B2B tools.

Role Summary


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