Founding Full Stack Engineer

Company: Atla

Salary: Not provided

Location: Remote, United States


As Atla's founding engineer, you will build systems that automate the most complex knowledge work in the world and achieve levels of performance previously considered unattainable. As part of your role, you will:


Demonstrated ability to build world-class software products.
**Generality and ability to move across the stack:**
    * Frontend: Javascript / Typescript expertise with experience in any UI front-end library (e.g., React, Angular, VueJS), driven by user-centric design.
    * Backend: Proficient in statically typed backend frameworks (e.g., Java, Golang, Typescript, C++), with Python proficiency as a plus.
    * DevOps: Familiarity with CI/CD platforms (e.g.: Github Actions, CircleCI, Cloud Build, etc.).
* Experience with relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL) and ideally with NoSQL databases.
* Solid grasp of algorithms and data structures.
* Product-driven engineering approach, keen on delivering exceptional outcomes.

Nice to have

* Experience as an early engineer at a fast-growing startup.
* Interested in and thoughtful about the impacts of AI technology.

About you

You are going to thrive at Atla with the following mindset:

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