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Backend Developer

Company: Battlefy

Salary: Not provided

Location: Vancouver, Canada


Role Summary

Battlefy needs your help to make esports shine. In this Backend Software Engineering role, you will be architecting our product, aiding in testability, scalability and extensibility that will allow us to power premium experiences. We are looking for talented individuals who deeply care for their team, clients and the business of competitive gaming.

We build esports experiences for some of the globe's leading brands, such as Riot Games and Electronic Arts. We're bringing video games to the world by promoting organized competition, and we are incredibly excited about the future of esports.

You will be able to leverage your expertise in not only software but also video games and competitions. We will support your growth as an individual, provide you with new challenges, and compensate you fairly for your contributions. Your work will be valued at Battlefy. We're building something new -- a thriving ecosystem of players, organizers, and sponsors.

Who will you be working with? Only some of the biggest brands on the planet. We're helping companies of all sizes to engage with the esports community.

If you're interested in learning more about the kinds of problems we work on, check out our technical blog, which is updated weekly.


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